Along with a strong curriculum,

and the commitment to employ the best teachers, flexibility is one of the keystones of Hawaii Language School’s approach to language learning.  Our student’s ability to control their study environment, the time they dedicate to their studies, and the financial resources they commit to their pursuit of acquiring a new language, helps them maintain their motivation at a high level.

Individual Study Plans

The Key to Student Success!

At Hawaii Language School, we are able to develop flexible, individual, study plans because we blend traditional teacher-assisted classroom learning with the latest on-line technology of Rosetta Stone, the world’s most popular language software. This innovative approach to learning gives our students the choice of studying at home, with regular on-line feedback and assistance from trained teachers, or enrolling in classes at our Waikiki school for weeks or months at a time.  Regardless of which study options they select, our students are always free to learn at their own pace and move ahead when they are ready and confident.